Feminist Knowledge


This translated anthology introduces the Bulgarian reader with the accomplishments of the global feminist theory.


Author: Sneja Gunew
(Translation from English)

This translated anthology is the second project of the Bulgarian Association of University Women to familiarize the Bulgarian reader with the achievements of global feminist theory. Probably the most interesting period in its development is presented here – the 1970s and 1980s, when the intellectual and scientific “maturation” of contemporary feminism took place.

The perspectives offered reflect the subversive potential of feminist knowledge, the opening up of possibilities for multiplicity that can no longer be “closed,” the questioning of cornerstones of the humanities such as “knowledge,” “truthfulness,” and “objectivity.” The texts in the anthology are representative of some of the most interesting theoretical developments, and also of the political urgencies of feminism, which to a large extent also determine its state in the early twenty-first century.

ISBN 954-91011-3-4

Published: 2002

Page Count: 360 pp.

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