About Polis Publishers

Polis Publishers, a publishing house found in 1998, aims at bringing out valuable scholarly, popular science, secondary-educational and foreign-language teaching literature and fiction.

The editorial and publishing team gives its best to offer readers thought-provoking and well-researched topics and series in the following fields: history, philology, linguistics, philosophy, cultural studies, ethnology, anthropology, sociology, gender studies, media and communication, archival studies and memoirs, education and teacher-training, and others. We have started several book series very well-accepted by the readers.

Our authors are not only leading names in their field of knowledge but also important public figures devoted to the promotion of science, education and scholarly research in Bulgaria.

With a deep belief that every book must be made with care and responsibility, our team aims at responding to the need for high-value reading with a good graphic layout, quality printing and manufacturing and affordable prices.