The prices of all books are listed on the site in euro. Polis Publishers has the right to change them at any time, but these changes do not apply to a previously made and confirmed order.

Books with reduced prices are marked with the new price next to the old one, that is crossed out, as well as the percentage discount.

Book prices on the site do not include the shipping cost.

The total value of the order includes the sum of the price of the ordered books, the shipping price and the PayPal payment fee.

Book order and payment

If you want to purchase a book, click the “Buy” button and it will be automatically added to the shopping cart. Every time you visit the store, you will see the icon on the top of the cart, displaying the number of titles you selected. From this icon, a box of accurate information about the titles you’ve chosen and their total value is displayed. You can opt out of a selected title by clicking on the cross, add a new one, and enter the shopping cart and increase or decrease the desired number with + or -.

After selecting the title(s) you wish to order, click the “Order” button. The order entry page opens, where you have to fill in the details (name, e-mail, address, phone, etc.). By filling them up, you do not become a registered user. They are only needed to complete the current order and after the successful delivery of the books you have ordered, they will be deleted within 24 hours. Please fill in the form correctly by presenting correct and up-to-date information.

The personal and postal information you have entered must be accurate and up to date in order to guarantee the successful and prompt delivery of the ordered books. All fields marked with * are required.

Below the registration form you will see the current status of your order and the possibility to pay via PayPal.

By pressing the PayPal button, you will automatically be transferred to this payment system where you will be able to make the payment.

You will receive an email with all the order details: number of ordered books, unit price, order value, delivery price and total amount.

From this point on, your request is accepted and its implementation follows.


The delivery of the ordered books is carried out through “Bulgarian Posts” within 14 days of confirmation of the order to the address you have specified. Polis Publishers is not responsible for any inaccurate delivery information.

Order and payment of an electronic edition

The order of electronic editions on Polis Publishers’ website is the same as the order of books, but  without charge for delivery. You need to provide your exact and up-to-date email address to enable PayPal payments. After you pay the value of your selected edition, an active Download button will automatically appear, where you can download the file.